Title 15. Zoning  

Chapter 15.01. Purpose And Title
Chapter 15.04. Interpretation And Definitions
Chapter 15.08. Zone Classifications
Chapter 15.17. Residential Zone Classifications
Chapter 15.20. Planned Residential Development (Prd) Zone
Chapter 15.21. Specific Plan District (Spd) Zone
Chapter 15.22. Oil Overlay Zone
Chapter 15.25. Public Land (P-L) Zone
Chapter 15.27. Open Space (O-S) Zone
Chapter 15.30. Commercial Zone Classifications
Chapter 15.35. Commercial Greenbelt (C-G) Zone
Chapter 15.40. Industrial Zone Classifications
Chapter 15.44. Rural Street Overlay Zone
Chapter 15.45. Oil-Gas (O-G) Zone
Chapter 15.46. Community Improvement District And Development Project Review
Chapter 15.47. Site Plan Review
Chapter 15.48. Landmarks, Landmark Districts, Residential Preservation Zones And Significant Properties
Chapter 15.49. Sign Standards And Regulation
Chapter 15.50. Landscaping And Irrigation Requirements
Chapter 15.55. Provisions And Conditions For Special Uses
Chapter 15.56. General Provisions, Conditions And Exceptions
Chapter 15.58. Special Events On Private Property
Chapter 15.64. Nonconforming Land Uses
Chapter 15.65. Reasonable Accommodation
Chapter 15.66. Zoning Adjustments
Chapter 15.67. Restaurant Overlay District
Chapter 15.68. Variances
Chapter 15.70. Conditional Use Permits
Chapter 15.71. Administrative Restaurant Use Permits
Chapter 15.72. Amendments
Chapter 15.76. Procedures, Hearings, Notices And Fees
Chapter 15.90. Noise Standards And Regulation